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Fish Accessories

There are many things that you need just besides a fish tank and filter to keep your fish alive. We have what you need and its our job to ensure that you don't forget something important.


Test Kits
It is important to test and monitor your water conditions. We do FREE testing but recommend you do testing yourself.

Lighting Unit & Bulbs
Sometimes a special light will
help with algae growth or the
keeping of live plants.

Heaters are a major
key in keeping a healthy
tank. Maintaining temperature
prevents parasites and illness's.

Remember that with city water you have to dechlorinate. Come see our variety of dechlorinators.

Salinity is a key factor in your saltwater tank. We have several varieties of salt but recommend Instant Ocean.


Don't just take our advice read and learn yourself. Come see our book collection.

Does your fish have parasites or just not feeling well. Let us help you figure out what is wrong and recommend the proper medicine.

Scrub Pads
It is important to keep your aquarium
clean and we sell what you need to do just that. From scrub pads to vacuums to live bacteria we can help you keep your tank looking clear and clean.

Looking for a specific decoration?
We have a variety of decorations from fake corals to driftwood to bubbling treasure chests to skulls.
We have plastic and LIVE plants.

Air Pumps
Do you enjoy the relaxing bubbles in your aquarium or want a battery bubbler to ensure during a power outage that your fish are ok.

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